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It's beginning to feel a lot like...getting some originals recorded!!

So we couldn't get in the studio for various reasons the other week, and decided to make the most of it by having an impromptu garage get together.

With a makeshift draft excluder, noisy generator, and some beer/hot food on the go (not to mention a vegan special for Stu), the camp stove was lit and we braved the cool climes of the garage for what can only be described as one of our most productive rehearsals yet. Amazing what a change of scenery and routine can do eh!

Not only did we have a very honest and brutal cull of our set list to ensure we only have the strongest sounds staying, but we managed to get through a fair few original ideas and improved on two existing tracks...All I can say is it must have been the extra chillies in the fajitas!

What is most satisfying about this process is the collaboration. Ideas and lyrics, with a basic melody thrown into a melting pot. Then through the listening, many influences and vision of all of the band, the flesh gradually gets put on the bones, and suddenly a handful of words and notes become what sounds like a real song. The evolution of the songs is the magic, and it is fair to say that we will still look to improve and polish some songs we are happy with...after all, when is a track really ever finished?

So what now? Well, we need to get our arses in to the studio pronto and organise some time aside to get an EP sorted.

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