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Coronacoaster ride

So how is it for you? More ups and downs than ruddy Yo-yo right!!

Well all things considered, it's not so bad. I think we've managed a total of 2 times in the rehearsal studio, and about 3 garage get togethers. We are still missing our ace of bass who is shielding currently, but been lucky enough to have Big Mike stand in. Big Mike (he's pretty much as tall as the upright bass) is a musician in his own right and hosted the Americana Guys nights in Letchworth along with performing in the musical theatre version of 'Dirty Dancing' in London.

Here's a few pictures from the last rehearsal (a few little vids are on our insta page) and we are itching to get back in the studio the week after next!

Thanks for sticking with us during these times, hope you are all well and safe, roll on 2021!!

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