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Ace! No, we're not talking Wimbledon!

So early mornings disagree with most folk, added to that a few late nights for some (ahem, Andy) and we found ourselves bleary eyed and praying to the gods of Photoshop to be able to do something amazing with us!

Yep, it was photoshoot time with the incredible Diana of Fashion Loves Photos.

Unfortunately due to an earlier incident, we were unable to get in and do our thing till another hour later ( good job really as some of us were late, even though we lived closest :D ) so a few coffees later, we were all raring to go!

We ended up with some fab shots ahead of our gig on Hotrod Night on the 7th August, and here are just a handful of snaps we hope you enjoy...Diana did an amazing job with us!

Catch the behind the scenes snaps on our insta feed

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