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Time flies when you're Streamlining!

How time flies!... The Streamline 55s created their Facebook page in January 2018 when they had only been together 6 months! Since then they've been working hard to get out there and play live music. ​

Their style is an authentic vintage sound, with a dollop of country, a sprinkle of blues, and a great big helping of old fashioned rock and roll. This 5 piece is an eclectic bunch, with a great, high energy personality which shines through as they perform together.  

Whether it be the local pub, community centre or festival, these guys are always happy to deliver their toe tapping, moody brooding, and beat bopping sets.

The music includes both rare and well known 50's tracks, along with a few of Streamline 55's originals thrown in for good measure.

The Streamline 55's strongly encourage you to try rockin' around to their vintage sound.

If you've seen them live, feel free to leave comments and feedback.



...So glad you asked!

Motley crew or eclectic rabble would be appropriate for this quintet.  Here goes from left to right;

  • Xavi:

Lead Guitarist and Howling Harmonica player. Used to herd cattle in Catalonia - or maybe that was lost in translation? Thanks goodness he came to the UK, as 'he plays a mean lead riff' is quite frankly an understatment.

  • Stu:

Double bass player.  Immaculately dressed. Cooler than a cool cat, or a fridge full of cucumbers - and that is pretty cool.  Never one to be flustered, he is absolutely the ace of bass.

  • Andy:

Demon drummer...Our very own 'Barry Allen'. So fast you've just heard his drum solo upon viewing this pic.

Play it back if you like! If the camera hadn't caught him going for a cuppa mid song...we'd never have believed it!  Watch out, he's loud!

  • Paul AKA Scotch:

Rocking a Rhythm Guitar and serving gravelly Vocals.  Never looks at the camera, needs a translator, human vape machine (we don't need a smoke machine when he's here) prone to outbursts of profanity...often. He's not really angry - he's just Scottish.

  • Amanda:

Vocalist and tambourine player (ahem).  Nickname Luna, complete magpie, head full of glitter, and a brain like a Catherine Wheel. If you are in the crowd, don't throw sequins - she is very easily distracted.

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